Exporting to Europe

In response to extensive mortality caused by the pinewood nematode, a microscopic eelworm exporting to Europe, the European Union adopted emergency quarantine regulations that were effective as of October 1, 2001. The regulation affected the standards of pallets that could be exported from the United States into the European Union. The end result in regards to pallets is that all softwood pallets must be Heat Treated or fumigated and offically stamped by an authorized pallet manufacturer.

Pallet Masters, Inc. has gained the ability to Heat Treat pallets with the acquisition of the Pest-Heat oven which heats pallets to the degree specified by governing agencies to insure freedom from pinewood nematode.

As members of the West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau who has been accredited by the American Lumber Standards Committee, we have the authority to manufacture wood products and provide the official stamp that guarantees their admittance into the European Union.